Structured documentation based on Voice


Personalized Structure

Create Templates

You can create specific templates to get the right structure for the various meetings and their contents. This allows a higher quality of the information, as the questions are adapted to the type of meeting. 


Start recording

Press a button and the Quintessence Voice Recorder starts the recording. This allows you to record the most important content points and to-do's, which are then processed by our technology in the background and converted into text. 


CRM Integration

Direct Integration in your CRM

With one click, the transcribed and structured text lands in the right place in your CRM. The fast integration enables you to have a complete information density about your customers and saves them many hours per month on their laptops. 

The Platform

Designed for collaboration

The Quintessence ecosystem focuses on the simple and productive collaboration of sales teams.

Groups and approvals make it possible to easily organize the documentation process in sales teams and make the information transparent for all relevant sales members. 



Real-time communication in the sales team

The combination of the text and linked audio file enables real-time communication between office and field staff. Content and tasks can be forwarded immediately to satisfy the customer's needs immediately after the meeting.

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