Document your appointment in 90 seconds.

Our voice technology allows you to document and directly integrate the Quintessence and to-do's of your appointment within 90 seconds. 



Salespeople spend more time on CRM updates than Facebook, Twitter and coffee breaks combined

- RingLead

1. Install Quintessence

Quintessence is available as a mobile and web application and integrated quickly in the company's IT ecosystem.

2. Connect CRM

With just one click, your CRM is integrated. So far Quintessence offers over 20 integrations into different systems.  

3. Document the appointment

Press the record button, document the most important highlights and to-do's and integrate them into the company-specific systems with just one click.

Why Quintessence?

High information density

With Quintessence, important information about the customer is not forgotten because it is documented directly after the meeting.

Structured data

Through individual protocols, appointment documentations are streamlined and structured and easily integrated in your CRM. 


Realtime Communication

Every employee can share their documentation in real time - not only in text form, but also with linked audio. This enables unprecedented communication speed. 

Direct integration in...


Convince yourself.

It was never easier...

Quintessence gives team leaders a structured and quick overview of customer appointments and their content.

Structuring of data records

Higher satisfaction of the sales representatives

 Real-time communication in the team

Existing tools are used effectively

 Higher information density about customers 

With Quintessence, employees have an easy and fast way to document appointments - directly after the appointment.

Document mobile - everywhere any anytime 

All customer information available at a glance

Faster documentation based on Speech-to-Text

No more filling out sales logs via keyboard

Even your customers benefit from Quintessence. Because all information is found in one place, sales agents and brokers are well prepared.

Customer satisfaction is increased

Even detailed information is available

Important information is fully stored

Preparation for customer appointments becomes more specific 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are currently integrated into Salesforce, Freshsales, Hubspot, Pipedrive and Flowfact. However, we are constantly expanding the number of integrations. If you have a special request, please contact one of our sales reps.

Your data is handled in compliance with GDPR and saved on German servers.

Quintessence works in 4 simple steps.

  1. Create Account
  2. Create question logs (with questions to be answered - one-time step)
  3. Answer these questions with you voice
  4. Your language is converted into text and can now be integrated into your CRM with just one click

Instead of laboriously remembering the details of all appointments in the evening or the next morning and documenting them, Quintessence allows sales representatives to simply record the minutes after each meeting based on your desired structure.

Quintessence converts it all into a structured text and integrates your logs into your CRM with one click or shares it with all common tools.

Of course, you can also share your notes with colleagues within Quintessence. This allows you and your colleagues not only to easily browse all logs, but also to link the audio file to the text.

You can easily download Quintessence from the Appstore. Try the app for free for 14 days - no strings attached. 

Please contact our Sales-Team at support@quintessence.ai to get a customised offer within 24 hours.

We are a Cologne-based start-up with Cologne roots and pursue the vision of making Germany a technology pioneer. You can find out more on our team page.


Quintessence is not suitable for taking up holistic appointments. Quintessence simplifies the appointment documentation for sales people and gives you the possibility to create tasks and forms from the documentation.

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